Sunday, June 05, 2005


Car Mirror
Originally uploaded by nieve44.

It's back to work on Monday after a week's vacation. While the week went by fast it was full of surprises. I can't go into details right now but will say that sometimes we are so busy looking ahead that we forget to look behind and see the beauty that we're passing up along the way.

...The sign that I couldn't read, or a light that I couldn't see, all those signs, if only I knew what they meant. Some things you have to believe,
but others are puzzles, puzzling me*

*I borrowed words from the song "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay as this week signs went flying by me at the speed of sound.


Just Me said...

great photo

Borya said...

Arrested for driving while blind.

m.e.c. said...

i've been thinking about those lyrics for a few days and have been thinking about putting them in my blog, too.