Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stand and Deliver!

Have you made a difference?
I did!
Advising several of my students today.
Here's someone else that made a difference
the great educator-Jaime Escalante
who died yesterday.
Thank you Jaime for your 'ganas' -determination
in making a difference.
You were truly an inspiration and have left behind a great legacy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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stopped by the old house to pick up some last minute items from parent's old house, which already is being remodeled as the kitchen walls were all torn up. WOW, that was tough to swallow and as I was leaving, I thanked the Man upstairs for all the blessings that were received in that home. Many plants and flowers didn't survive the freeze but mom's azaleas were in full bloom and snapped this photo as I was leaving and admittedly with a tear in my eye. I've been sad ever since pulling out of the driveway this afternoon. I sure wish I could have brought this plant back with me to my house. Believe me, I tried but it just wasn't budging.

Never Leave the Sun

I was bringing this home from work as it belonged to one of my co-workers and was stuck in traffic and so I decided take a photo and to my surprise, here's what came out of my Blackberry.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"A Growing Time"

"A Growing Time"
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it's the spring time of the year, the sun is moving near.... music, words and inspiration by the late Dan Fogelberg.
Here, you see new my neighbors are busily getting their new home ready for the coming of the offspring...yes indeed a growing time and it brings me sweet joy.