Thursday, June 25, 2009


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Another blurry photo but shows rose that brightened up my day. It's been a long hot week as on Tuesday my air conditioner bit the dust. Yep, on our first day of triple digit temps. Still no a/c and now camping out at parents till a new one gets installed and the killer is that internet is only accesible via the old "dial up"! I miss my house already but with temps inside hovering around 90 it's just not livable right now. When I got home Tuesday, poor Chulo was at the door almost passed out from the heat. I was so scared as to what happened and then the heat hit me like a ton of bricks. BTW, 6 months from today is Christmas! Something to look forward too with cooler temps or so I hope. I cannot remember a summer so hot so early as we usually don't see temps like this till the end of July and into August. The other killer is lack of rain. Some rain drops here and there but no substantial rain and water rationiong has already started. Saw this earlier, which made me laugh.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Medina's Chimayó Art

While in Chimayó, I wanted to buy a cross from the gift shop at the Santaurio but I noticed that all the crosses that I was looking at were "made in Mexico". I already have a cross made in Mexico and was getting dismayed when finally the last cross I looked at (near the exit) had a card by the artist indicating "hand crafted and made in Chimayó and even more a card by the artist. Thus, I happily made the purchase. Later in the afternoon, we run into Joan Medina, a very lovely woman selling her creative artwork at the end of the highway near the cemetary and she told us about the friar climbing the hillside. Cheryl and I decided to climb the same hillside and afterwards we stopped back by Joan's stand and I made a purchase of a bracelet. She asked where we were from and wished a safe journey back home and hugged us goodbye. Sadly, after geting back to the car Cheryl and I mentioned that we should've gotten a photo with her but didn't. I knew I had her card and had made a mental note to email her when I got back to Houston. Thus, when we got back to Santa Fe, I was looking at my purchases and looking through the cards I had gotten and then I noticed the same phone number's for both. Cross by Arthur (Lowlow) Medina and bracelet by Joan Medina. Talk about six degrees of seperation, which in a small town like Chimayó may not be as hard but nonetheless, I sure felt the connection between these two individuals.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off the Beaten Path

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Beautiful cemetary that Cheryl and I walked over too off the beaten tourist path while in Chimayo. There was a woman taking care of some flowers at the cemetary and I asked her "about how old is the cemetary" and she replied about 100 years or more". I told her it was beautiful and she smiled and said, "some people don't like cemetaries because dead people scare them but dead people don't scare me...only the living people scare me"! We both chuckled and in a way, I couldn't agree with her more. The local folk were quite friendly and welcoming of tourists and eager to converse and ask where are you from. I would've loved to spend more time here but for sure I hope to come back and stay longer.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Anybody there?
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While in Santa Fe, Linda graciously offered her apt but warned me of the cats and all the cat hair I would come home with. Well, she was right. I did laundry last night and sure enough the cat hair was all over my clothes. I'm more of a dog person but after seeing her young kitten Yarrow, I could've easily become a new cat lover. He was a rambuctious kitten into everything and chasing his toys all over the place. Of course at night, while we were trying to sleep he wanted to play and he would be whining by the door. In the mornings, I'd wake up and there he was waiting with his paw peeping through the doorway. I fell in love with this kitten and teased Linda that I would sneak him in my suitcase. Sure enough, while I was packing to head home ...there he was trying to get into the suitcase. Believe me, if I could've I would've! ;-) Now that I'm back I miss playing with him. Oh yeah, Chulo wasn't too happy when I got back and he caught a scent of cat! Yes, Chulo you still come first!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Where it all began

Where it all began
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Back from trip to Santa Fe to meet up with fellow fanmencas/flickr buds. Plane arrived late last night and by the time I got into bed it was close to 1:30 a.m. :-( More photos and blogs to come but bed is calling my name and will update later. Been smiling all day thinking of trip and the sights and sounds that were experienced. Thanks to Cheryl and Linda for their hospitality...and to Chef Joel! ;-)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Taking Time Out

from Daily Om ...and thanks to Cheryl for reminding me of such treasures found on their website as sometimes I overlook then but today's really hit home for me.

After the blur from last weekend and the hectic pace

of the next three days, this is good to know!