Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Come She Will

Another April come/came she will and boy did she leave her mark & how I wish I could rewind and start over.  April took away a lot this past month.  First with the loss of another beloved friend-Henry.  I couldn't believe it then and I still can't that you were taken in such a tragic way. Such a dear, sweet soul who will be missed dearly.  We never did go and grab that coffee with Ms. Gail.

April come she will with her streams of rain falling and swelling over again into previous affected neighborhoods that lost so much last Memorial weekend.

May, I doubt you'll stay resting upon my mother's arm again in a manner that she'll remember.  :-(
Who knew that an infection would send my mom free-falling into a backwards spiral that would have her memory to falter even more.  Gone are the daily phone calls to make sure I get home safely. Gone are the repeated questions.  Gone is the familiar face I knew so well.  Instead I see a stranger in my mom's body.

June will change her tune and I'm sure I'll be taking those restless walks prowling the night in my hallway seeking answers as to why?

July--I still  hope to fly to Idaho and take a much  needed vacation.  Please!!

August --I hope you fade fast taking with you your dreaded heat and humidity.

September--I will always remember a love that was new but grew old.  Just like life that was so new before this month and has now grown old.

and now I want to be laughing in the Purple Rain!  Not crying like I was that night two weeks ago.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Tish Hinojosa - Otro Vasito

Oye cantinero traeme otro vasito...yes, the tequila shots were being poured last night but thankfully no hangover today.  Just smiles of fun times and a roaring fire beneath the evening sky of my new transformed backyard with rope lights and a new sound system to listen too. Thank you Jason--you rock!!  Let the transformation continue!