Thursday, June 02, 2005


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I'm on vacation this week and since I didn't travel outside of Houston physically, I decided to leave Houston mentally. I treated myself to a Reiki massage on Thursday. Reiki (which is pronounced "ray-key") is a laying-on of hands healing technique that is thousands of years old. It is a Japanses technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Originally, it was a Buddhist practice.

During the massage I felt a wonderful glowing radiance that flowed through me and around me. Frankly, the therapist massaged me as a whole person--spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I've been on an emotional high all day.

Frances Garza is a modern day Curandera--a healer of sorts. She encouraged me to meditate on a daily basis of which I had been neglecting to do so. No more excuses and no more failing to make time. Thus, I will close this blog and end my day with silence by taking my mind on an extended vacation.


Just Me said...

I hope you return from your holiday rejuvenated and relaxed.

Borya said...

Nice light and shadows.

Wendy said...

Thank goodness for the inner journey...thought you would like this. "Seek conscious peace as much as you can, and seek peace in your soul as well. Let your soul lead you through meadows and take you down deep into the valleys, for all your experiences are just that--experiences--on this mysterious journey of the soul".

Luz said...

Wendy..thanks for sharing that. Love it and I will enter that in my Moleskine journal.

wanting said...

sounds very nice...think I could use one..