Saturday, November 22, 2014


In my glass: Vino-red
Mood: Happy (on vacation) & rainy Saturday night @ home & my new bud Cosmo playing with his toys.
Music: Ottmar Liebert of course and title from CD, "Three-Oh-Five"
Photo: from Ohio, at Dawes Arboretum and yes there was a quiet rain falling-thus post title.

Where has time gone--seems like just yesterday I was at Barcloud!  Here we are at another holiday season approaching--not ready for them but so glad to be off from work.  Go back on the 1st for three weeks then another two week vacation.  This is why I'm in education--a career that came to me completely by accident back in 1994!

Ok, play time, time for some dinner then more cleaning/tidying up so I can enjoy the rest of my vacation--lots to do & many errands to run as well as try and catch up with some old friends.