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Saturday, November 12, 2016


YES, still grieving!!

Here’s Why We Grieve Today

I don’t think you understand us right now.
I think you believe this is all just sour grapes; the crocodile tears of the losing locker room with the scoreboard going against us at the buzzer.
They have aligned with the wall-builder and the professed p*ssy-grabber, and they have co-signed his body of work, regardless of the reasons they give for their vote:
Every horrible thing Donald Trump ever said about women or Muslims or people of color has now been validated.
Every profanity-laced press conference and every call to bully protestors and every ignorant diatribe has been endorsed.
Every piece of anti-LGBTQ legislation Mike Pence has championed has been signed-off on.

It’s not about one’s ideas over another’s.
It’s about overt racism and hostility toward minorities.
It’s about religion being weaponized.

And this is why we grieve.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

King of Pain - The Police

There's a little black spot on the sun today That's my soul up there. It's the same old thing as yesterday That's my soul up there. There's a black hat caught in a high tree top That's my soul up there. There's a flag pole rag and the wind won't stop That's my soul up there.

There's a king on a throne with his eyes torn out (or at least they should be)!! There's a blind man looking for a shadow of doubt There's a rich man sleeping on a golden bed There's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread

I've stood here before inside the pouring rain With the world turning circles running 'round my brain. I guess I'm always hoping that (M'erica) would end this reign, But it's our (USA) destiny to be the king of pain.

FUCK TRUMP, FUCK the New World order BS and FUCK conspiracy theories!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Jesse Cook - Tuesday Child.

The innocence and wonder of a child taken away on this dreadful day in election history!  Tears flowing--I want to escape this madness, shake this skin, get lost in the wilderness and find my soul again.