Friday, December 28, 2012

Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors

Just LOVE the rock group HEART and they just ripped this song tribute to Led Zeplin's
"Stairway to Heaven"!  Sorry, I missed seeing the Kennedy Center Honors this year. Oh and secretly, I always wanted to be in a women's rock and roll band playing guitar or drums.  ;-)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Noche Buena

Noche Buena by Nieve44/Luz
Noche Buena, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
from Texas on this Christmas eve.

Friday, December 21, 2012


on this Winter Solstice- Mayan apocalyptic day. Only fitting that I was back home in the place where I was born-Corpus Christi, Texas.  As we crossed the bay to leave CC, the sky was never so blue albeit covered by clouds.  It was a cold winter's day and reminded me of the beautiful song by Ottmar Liebert-Winter Blue
Needless to say the world didn't end, nor did I believe that it would!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lucky numbers

Untitled by Nieve44/Luz
Lucky Numbers, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
on this special day for a special concert!  Today was a day to remember!  Won't happen for another 100 years!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

December to Remember

Untitled by Nieve44/Luz
Untitled, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

well, no not really so far! The past week was full of sad news and setbacks. No Christmas spirit and no desire for shopping or putting tree & lights up. For one thing, it's been so dang warm but cold front on the way tonight. This winter rose/Christmas cactus has been the only bright color around. One week till Christmas vacation. Am ready for the break but not the holiday. I do hope to get out of dodge and make a quick getaway trip to Austin & up to the hill country and get an extra shot of color before the end of the month.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Where it all began by Nieve44/Luz
Where it all began, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
Word of the day: Sobremesa
Music: Morning Arrival in Goa
In my glass: Holy Mole

Inspired by a twitter conversation with Ottmar Liebert about sobremesa. I replied how I miss it and love it. His reply -"it's more valuable than anything money can buy". Indeed it is! Yesterday at work, we had a small going away reception for a co-worker and after we ate it was so nice to sit in conversation and catch up with one another.

Photo above is a reflection shot from 3 years ago when friends/fanmencas had finished lunch and we were just sitting, conversing and enjoying new friendships.

Last month one of my Chinese students invited me to his house for dinner and there were other guests--one from Pakistan who has traveled extensively.  While the food was wonderful the conversation after was so engaging.

Just this week, I re-connected with another co-worker who has moved to Eugene, Oregon and despite the distance we're talking about getting together again soon for lunch and catching up with one another. I look forward to the sobremesa!

Think I'll throw a dinner party soon but who to invite for the sobremesa?! ;-)  Who would you invite for your sobremesa?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nuevo Mexico, 2012

-or as close as you get too it found in and around Santa Fe (The City Different), New Mexico on a quick four day weekend topped off by some great music at Tiny's to see Anthony Leon & the Chain and attending an Ottmar Liebert benefit concert on Sunday evening.  Nice to see my fellow fanmencas Cheryl Cox and Linda West and indulge in some great food--green chile burgers, and a wonderful breakfast at Chocolate Maven-(thanks to fellow fanmenco/Michael).  Of course there were plenty glasses raised between vino & some nice pale ale.  It all went by too fast and I'm ready to do it again in May 2013 in Albuquerque. Who's in?! ;-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chimayó, NM

Beautiful day in Chimayo! by Nieve44/Luz
Beautiful day in Chimayo!, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

Did you miss me? Took a quick weekend trek out to my fav place-Santa Fe. The weekend seemed so short but it was sooo sweet for many reasons of which I divulge in another blog post.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Raul Malo: El Paso

I am a big fan of Raul Malo from the Mavericks and here he's signing a classic song that's one of my faves.  He's such a versatile singer!  iTunes writes, "Cuban-American Raul Malo's tenor is so exquisite that it should be placed in the Smithsonian" and I couldn't agree more!  The CD, What A Crying Shame is a brilliant piece of music!  I wore out that album and fell in love with Raul then!  Here's another song out of this world!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Orange October

one last boo by Nieve44/Luz
one last boo, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

One last Boo for Orange October on this last day of the month. On wards to November and the holidays of which honestly I'm not ready for!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Don't Wait, My Love

Beautiful music by Ottmar Liebert, Rahim AlHaj, Jon Gagan & Barrett Martin.  

Tracks from

  Under the Rose 

are played repeatedly at home and work

and this track is at the top of my list.  

Saturday, October 06, 2012


IMG_1246.jpg by Nieve44/Luz
IMG_1246.jpg, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

Another day, another cut! This cut is on my right heel and bigger, deeper, & wider. Dang candle holder fell, broke and shattered and cut me at the same time in the middle of the night while sleepily walking to the bathroom! What are the chances?

God are you trying to tell me something? Now 2 clean up mess in the bathroom-didn't' think bleeding would stop last night. I'm kind of afraid to walk out the door now! As it is I'll be limping around. UGH! Oh, and one other complaint while I'm at it-WHEN IS THE COOL FRONT GETTING HERE?!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hey Beautiful!

Hey Beautiful! by Nieve44/Luz
Hey Beautiful!, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

@Hotel Za Za and two for the price of one! ;-) Oh, and I'll pass on that spray tan-no porcelain skin here! ;-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dan Fogelberg-Nexus, Wealthy the Spirit...

Another song or rather album that I wore out playing when it came out!  I am such a Dan Fogelberg fan and miss his music with the passing of his un-timely death.  His was such a poet and his lyrics are brilliant--not to mention a great guitar player who once was asked by the Eagles to play in their band.  I regret that I never got to see him in concert but his music lives on and thanks to youtube for their endless videos of his music.  If you've never listed to this double album treat yourself to a rare gem of fine music from one of the best musicians in his day.  Thank you Dan for helping my spirit take flight and journey through the length of the light.

Across the vein of night
There cuts a path of searing light
Burning like a beacon
On the edges of our sight
At the point of total darkness
And the lights divine divide
A soul can let its shadow stretch
And land on either side --
either side.

And balanced on the precipice
The moment must reveal
Naked in the face of time
Our race within the wheel
As we hang beneath the heavens
And we hover over hell
Our hearts become the instruments
We learn to play so well.

Wealthy the spirit that knows its
own flight
Stealthy the hunter who slays
his own fright
Blessed the traveler who journeys
the length of the light.

Outside the pull of gravity
Beyond the spectral veil
Within our careful reasoning
We search to no avail
For the constant in the chaos
For the fulcrum in the void
Following a destiny
Our steps cannot avoid.

Across the vein of night
There cuts a path of searing light
Burning like a beacon
On the edges of our sight
At the point of total darkness
And the lights divine divide
A soul can let its shadow
Stretch and land on either side.

Wealthy the spirit that knows its
own flight
Stealthy the hunter who slays
his own fright
Blessed the traveler who journeys
the length of the light.

In a spiral never-ending
Are we drawn towards the source
Spinning at the mercy of an
unrelenting force
So we stare into the emptiness
and fall beneath the weight
Circling the Nexus in a
fevered dance with fate --

Wealthy the spirit that knows its
own flight
Stealthy the hunter who slays
his own fright
Blessed the traveler who journeys
the length of the light.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love

This song never gets old and I killed the repeat button way back!

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown dawn, no day..
I'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart...

Friday, August 31, 2012

On a Blue Moon

Goodbye August, I have never been a fan of yours for your heat is just too much at times and work makes the month of August even more dreadful.  I was born in the month of October and every year, I look forward to that month and my rebirth when the first north wind brings a cool front and I feel alive again.  I dance around gleefully like a kid whenever I see the first acorn and get to pop it with the soles of my shoes.

Tonight, I stepped out and picked up the scent of my night blooming jasmine and while it was such an intoxicating Moon Fragance I long for the first sanguine moon.  Until then, let the beauty of this full moon evening lead to a Falling in and Sliding Out whereby the Night Exhales taking me to a dream world up on Five Clouds Lenticular, while I'm  Dancing Alone on a Dune and watching a Horse trot around! I wonder if he will let me ride him and take me On the Road to Shiraz! ;-)  Thank you Ottmar Liebert for your wonderful music last weekend.  Looking forward to your next performance in November!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

La Luna

La Luna by Nieve44/Luz
La Luna, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
Under an August Moon that was peeking through the window just before Ottmar Liebert took the stage tonight at Dosey Doe in the Woodlands and I thought of Neil Armstrong when the song was playing. Kind of appropriate this song was played in Houston on the passing of the first man to walk on the moon. I remember the first words, he said "Houston,Tranquility Base here...." RIP Neil Armstrong. You can give the song a listen on Soundcloud. La Luna - Live 2012  BTW, there are two full moons this month of August!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Untitled by Nieve44/Luz
Untitled, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
and why I am such a Flickr fanatic. I found this photo and looks like were both at the same place around the same time. Different cameras of course.  One thing for sure the storms in the distance were pretty intense and for a second -it seemed like the end of the world.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Medio Litro

Medio Litro by Nieve44/Luz
Medio Litro, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

"I don't always drink Coke...but when I do, I prefer Coke Mexicana...stay thirsty, my friends."
The most interesting woman in the world. Couldn't resist posting this. Thank LN.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Michael Bublé - Me And Mrs Jones (Official Music Video)

Remember this from 1972? Smooth & sexy for sure and sweeter with a glass of wine in hand.  Some peeps don't care for Michael with his wisp & while he's not Sinatra he does this version justice for sure-Michael's version is not shabby! Think, I'll go and pour another glass & kickback.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

boom boom

boom boom by Nieve44/Luz
boom boom, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

yes, I know it's blurry but I like it that way! A reminder of how this year has been so far in such a fast pace blur. The good news is that we're one month closer to the end of summer!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Don't Need Much To Be Happy

Beautiful song and
by Mary Chapin Carpenter
I just love her music!  
Her words always hit close to home for me.  

Don’t need much to be happy
four walls and a roof overhead
books and food in my belly
cool sheets upon the bed

A fire that warms up December
The sound of a thaw in the eaves
sometimes it’s hard to remember
how tough we are to please

            All in good time
            somehow I find
            days that still shine with light
            all in good stead
            I’m safe and I’m fed
          with dreams in my head
          good night

The feel of my hand being taken
driving at night all alone
the breeze on a warm summer evening
and coming home

            All in good time
            somehow you find
            days that still shine with light
            all in good stead
            You’re safe and you’re fed
          with dreams in your head
          good night

Don’t need much to be happy
a friend to soften a fall
and something to show for my labors
after all

I had to learn to be grateful
I had to learn how to see
mistakes that might have proved fatal
are gifts I now receive

How I love cool sheets on a warm summer night! How I miss a good fire on cold December night? How I miss my hand being taken?  I don't drive alone much at night--price of gas is too high!  Tonight's breeze was a welcome reprieve from the day's heat.  I'm thankful for my labors at work-my student's always show me how lucky I am to see their beautiful branches.  At my age, I'm learning to be grateful for the mistakes I've made and for the gifts they now bring me.  Yep, I don't need much to be happy.  Thank you MCC for your beautiful music.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trump International Hotel and Tower

and only in NYC,
and only next to Central Park,
and only Trump...
and who died and left him King of anything and everything in NYC?! ;-)

but I read somewhere that some investors in one of his properties were wanting to pull out.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

peeping out :)

peeping out :) by :Eureka:
peeping out :), a photo by :Eureka: on Flickr.

Photo and words from my niece from back in 2006. With today's heat, makes me long for a cold January day!

on the inside looking out.
OH it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Wouldn't that be cool if you looked through your peep hole one day and saw a fantasy world? Like Alice and Wonderland kinda deal. Ok maybe a little creepy, but still 'cool' none the less

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mi casa

Mi casa by Nieve44/Luz
Mi casa, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

Crepe Myrtle in full bloom. What a difference 4+ years make?! I'm so grateful for the beauty and pleasure my house has given me. The grass is greener, the blooms purdy-er! Right Jane!? ;-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Voices at Grand Central Station

Untitled by Nieve44/Luz
Voices a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
Heading uptown now just as the shifts are changing to Grand Central Station....and all these voices keep on asking me to take them to Grand Central Station. I want to stand beneath the clock just one more time...I guess you never really are all alone. I made my way to 42nd streeet, lit a cigarette and stared down at my feet and imagined all the ones who stood here waiting at Grand Central Station. The faces of the missing are all I see and tomorrow I'll be back there working on the pile ... and before my job is done there's one more trip I'm making to Grand Central Station.

lyrics by Mary Chapin Carpenter and based on a true story of a worker who worked through the piles of debris at Ground Zero and heard the voices asking him to take them to Grand Central Station. I felt such a pull to this place while in NYC last week. I had always wanted to see this place and finally got the chance to do so all the while the MCC song was playing in my head.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Passionate Kisses & Anticipation

I've been a fan of Mary Chapin Carpenter for many years and got the chance to see her perform live last summer in Austin.  She's got a new CD, "Ashes & Roses" that'll be released this coming Tuesday and I cannot wait (anticipation) to download her new music. Her music and lyrics speak volumes to my heart and soul.  Here's one of my all time fave songs from her, Passionate Kisses and some of the words really ring true for me at 50 something...

Yes, a comfortable bed that won't hurt my back isn't too much to ask...
Yes, would love to have a rock and roll band in my backyard-don't know that my neighbors would appreciate that though.
Yes, I hate pens that run out of ink--especially my favorite pen and I am picky about pens!
Yes, I demand cool quiet and time to think and those are moments that I treasure
and oh yes, passionate kisses from you.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Goodnight New York

Goodnight New York by Nieve44/Luz
Goodnight New York, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

This was a perfect way to end our visit to the Big Apple. Woke up wobbly this morning and feeling like I'm still riding on the subway/train. Guess it'll take a day or 2 to decompress. Glad to be home and think I'll crawl back into bed. OH, and Chulo has not let me out of his sight since we got home last night.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

All hail to the graduate!

All hail to the graduate! by Nieve44/Luz
All hail to the graduate!, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

Congrats Martin for completion of High School. College is next bud!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

One eye(d)

One eye by mRio
One eye, a photo by mRio on Flickr.
So another month has come and gone. The month started with a wonderful crawfish boil and ends with some rain-c'mon rain! The month also was highlighted with a visit from my fanmenca sister-Kym. ;-)

Kym flew back home on Monday, Memorial day and I was all set to get back to work and wind down the rest of this busy week before heading out for vacation next week. However, Sunday evening I felt a burning sensation in my eye and woke up Monday with a swollen eye-lid. Not fun! Little did I know the fun was just beginning. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she felt my eye was irritated from a stye. I was sent home with some antibiotic eye cream and told to take the next two days off. No makeup and no contacts. Well, I woke up Wednesday and the eye was twice as swollen. Called the doc back and told me to come again that afternoon. Sure enough she realized there was a bad eye infection rearing its ugly head when she lifted my eyelid. By this time, I was fit to be tied, as the irritation and pain were becoming unbearable. I was given oral antibiotics to combat the infection and ibuprofen for the in-comfort. Not to mention that there was some yucky discharge in my eye. Finally, this morning I can say the eye is getting better. Less swelling, redness, discharge and in-comfort. Now I only feel like half a beast! Warm compress, hot showers and rest have been the order for the past few days. I'm starting to get antsy being home and who knew how bad an eye infection could be? I don't wish this on my worst enemy!  Who knew my eye would be my worry before going on vacation?  I thought my bad knee would be the problem.  I've been going to acupuncture the past few weeks for my left knee which was in so much pain earlier in the month.  The pain was at a 9.5 on a scale of 10.  Went to the doctor's office and they gave me some ibuprofen for what he said was a sprain!  Sprain my a--!  I decided to take matters into my own hands and pocketbook and am happy to report that pain is almost gone.  I was told at some point I would need a knee replacement but I've been trying to avoid that at all costs.  

This photo hit home for me because I could relate to having one eye looking bummed out. Photo courtesy of mRio/Mario with whom we had a nice fanmenco reunion last week when Kym was here.  What are fanmencos you ask?  Fans of the guitarist Ottmar Liebert.

Sad to see another month pass by--especially now that summer is here but glad to say goodbye to the end of May and my wonk one eye.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chasing a Smurf!

Chasing a Smurf! #372234? by Nieve44/Luz
Chasing a Smurf! #3722341, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
or in this case--photographing a fire smurf! Funny, I walk by these all the time and never realized how much they really do look like a smurf! Fire hydrant smurf #3722341!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Plumeria by Nieve44/Luz
Plumeria, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

ok so something I don't do often is brag about myself but sometimes I surprise myself with photos I take! Made an awesome dinner earlier and it was quite tasty if I say so myself! ;-)

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Let the crawfish feast begin!

Spent a wonderful afternoon in Hardin, Texas eating some awesome crawfish and drinking some awesome Corona-ritas celebrating Cinco De Mayo with Jose Cuervo & friends! ;-)  Thanks, Cheryl for the recommendation of mixing some Jose Cuervo margarita mix with Coronas.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feed Me!

The Scent of Light by Nieve44/Luz
The Scent of Light, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

A question was posed today on twitter, "What feeds your soul"? I kept asking myself the question all day. Well here is what feeds my soul in no particular order...
His light,
a burning candle and/or incense
peace of mind
the north wind

So what feeds your soul?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ceremony-Here Comes the Bride!

Here Comes the Bride!Going to be a G kind of day!Mom & DadPretty in Pink!
The walk!A new journey
at the altar"The giveaway"Mr. & Mrs. G
Mrs. G beaming with joy!Father of the Bride
Ceremony, a set on Flickr.
Finally finished editing and putting together photos from the wedding of my niece Erika. I love a good ceremony for they are moments that we do not celebrate often enough. Beautiful ceremonies run in our family-first with the 50th Wedding Celebration of my parents, second with the 25th Wedding Anniversary of my brother Arnold and his wife Theresa. So here's to the next ceremony for our family. Martin's High School graduation ceremony in June. Still waiting for a College Graduation ceremony from the rest of our family. I don't want to be the only one who has had the honor of two college graduation ceremonies. Hint, hint! ;-)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Butterfly Kisses (Country Version)

Fell in love with this song all over again as it was the song my brother danced with his daughter last night at her wedding. This was their song and I can tell you that the tears just flowed watching the two of them last night. His wife and I stood their holding each other and crying while watching the two of them. It was such a sweet tender moment watching Erika rub her daddy's back and letting him savor that moment. As he walked off the stage he came over to the two of us and gave us hugs. I was never so proud of my brother for giving his daughter away on such a beautiful day. Our family is indeed blessed. All through out the ceremony dark black clouds were swirling along with winds blowing but just then I looked up into the night sky and saw a star twinkling down on us. Erika never looked happier as her new husband walked up to dance with her. Congrats to the new couple. Here's to Erika & Rey and the new life they begin.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going to be a G kind of day!

One of my niece's cute motifs for her big wedding day today. At sunset Erika Rivera becomes Mrs. Rey Gutierrez. Congratulations Erika & Rey.