Tuesday, May 31, 2016

So Long May!

It was a long 31 days but thankful for the...
...crawfish pero mucho mas por favor 
...revelation about mom. Some good news and not so good
...friends near and far who kept me sane
...margaritas on Cinco de Mayo
...new music by Mary Chapin Carpenter
...bike rides of 13 & 15 miles
...getting back in the gym-on a mission with 6 weeks to go 

Onwards to June but here comes the GD heat, humidity and Texas size mosquitos but it's one more month closer to July and vacation! PLEASE God-I need this trip!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Olivia Harrison

Happy Birthday to Olivia Harrison--the Mexican beauty who was the wife to my favorite of the Beatles, George Harrison.   She is the epitome of class, beauty and brains and in my opinion rock music royalty keeping the memory of George alive.  What I would give to meet her one day!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

What Does It Mean To Travel (Lyric Video) - Mary Chapin Carpenter - Mary...

I was supposed to be on a plane to Japan today--they took off without me and I find myself looking at my watch for the time and checking the weather with their itinerary.  But here I am cumbered and tethered by duty to family and work and feeling resentful.  :-(

MCC captures the essence of travel so well with her song.  There are those that say that travel is a waste of time and money --that we're just chasing what's already gone.  But for me it's always called my name even though I really hate flying. There's just something about going and coming and discovering new places.  I still hear those bells in Brussels from last spring! The charm of Utrecht--whenever I retire I want to spend about two months there.  How I long to go back to Seattle--the Emerald City.  If I could I would live there, then again New Mexico has always been that place that is sacred to me for various reason.  Walking half way down Manhattan and driving down open country roads in Ohio.

Yes, I want to hold my suitcase by the handle and be waking/running and I want to be going/coming...
Today, tonight I want to feel my heart expanding with excitement and I don't want to be alone, I just want to be someone else, untethered and unknown while being far from home and Japan surely would've been far from home.  Alas, I hope to be on that plane in July to Idaho and discover what does it mean to travel.  Still, I wish I were in Japan now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Blue Distance (Lyric Video) - Mary Chapin Carpenter - Mary Chapin Ca...

Sometimes I'm still--like last night after I got the phone call
Sometimes I'm lost-like driving home two nights ago when the road seemed so long
Sometimes I wait by the door--yet I can't explain
Sometime it fills up my chest, it fills up my eyes-- like this afternoon

In the blue distance... is where I want to be walking along in my boots, hat and faded jeans feeling the coolness of the evening as the sun sets.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to me!

typing this with some sweet tears.....

at 50 something!

I love you mom!

We wear our sunglasses at night!