Friday, March 27, 2009


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It's been a rainy/humid week but a cool front is coming our way and should clear things out just in time for the weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Toast

A Toast
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"Thank you home, for allowing me to live within your walls.

Thank you for giving me shelter, warmth, and security.

Thank you for allowing me to live my life in your womb, for staying strong and sturdy, for supporting me, and for your beauty.

Thank you earth, for the land that I live on and for allowing me to steward life with you.

Thank you for allowing me to walk upon your soil, cultivate you, and live in partnership with you.

Thank you for supporting my home and my family.

Thank you... plants, minerals, and animals that dwell on the land that I steward.

Thank you for allowing me to experience your beauty, share in your wonderment of life, and for the honor of living with all of you on this earth.

Thank you for the wisdom and joy you bring to humanity.

I honor you."

taken from Daily Om.

Celebrating a year in my year my house and just finished painting the last room, so a celebration was in order. Special thanks go out to my parents and family for their endless support and help. To my friends who have been so instrumental in the past year from the very first day to now and you know who you are. I have been truly blessed and as the days and months go by I am mystified by all the signs that brought me to where I am today and it all started here. Tomorrow, I will begin working on my new altar (now that my meditation room is painted) and he will take his rightful place for I truly believe that he brought me here. As I close this blog and get ready to meditate, I am listening to "Silence: No More Longing" by Ottmar Liebert and it is a fitting tribute in which to honor this special day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Myths and Legends explained here and here
Very interesting to read about indeed.

I'm hoping 3/13/09 will be a lucky day and not a bad day...

besides as of 4:30 p.m., it'll be the start of Spring Break vacation!

Thank goodness for Academia!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chasing Pavements

Totally in love with the titled song by Adele.
She won a Grammy for best new artist and a well deserved accolade indeed.
This woman rocks and her voice
is simply amazing and she's only 20!
Nice article here, which contains a few snipets of her songs.
I can totally relate to the "Chasing Pavements" song as
that's what I feel I've been doing the past year and a half at times.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Forward

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First of all, whose idea was it to switch back to daylight savings time so early into the month already. Spring hasn't even officially arrived! I am so CONFRUSED, and no that's not spelled wrong! Thankfully, Spring Break is only a few days away. Time for some R & R and putting some finishing paint touches on the house.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm an Owl!

Actually I already knew that but this just confirmed it for me.
Let me just ask..."whose idea was it to make the change in time so early"?
I don't mind it being darker later but sure hate to loose an hour's sleep.
Personally, I think the whole thing is backwards!
It would seem that with winter you want the reverse time switch...
where it gets darker later and
in summer because of the heat you want the time change to coincide
with having less light/heat, bringing on the early nightfull and a
reprieve from the heat of the day.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


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For some time I've been wanting to purchase a drum and become part of a ceremony by way of drumming (Native American). As I near the milestone of my 50th birthday, I decided that the time was finally here and this past weekend I became the proud owner of a 15 inch Dark Buffalo Hide Drum (hand made). The creator of the drum was Deborah and she writes:

This drum skin was surprisingly dark and finished dark and somewhat translucent in nature. It has a maple frame and is made by hand requiring 6 hours to produce.
This drum also has a stick made EXCLUSIVELY for it and no other.

There were two drums to choose from and I chose the Buffalo drum or rather it chose me as Deborah states..."the drum should sing to you". Buffalo Wisdom Includes:
*Earth Creativity
*Feminine courage
*Abundance and Generosity
*Hospitality and Sharing work
*Courage and Strength
*Challenge and Survival
*Giving for the greater good
*Formulating beneficial plans

In the near future, I am looking forward to joining a drumming circle. Until then I will continue to drum and find my own rhythm. Side note: Chulo isn't too happy about the drumming as he tends to burrow under his bed and hide.

Thank you to Deborah Lane/SheGoesLaughing for her gift and insight. For more information see her website.