Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lost Heart

Lost Heart
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This morning while walking the dog I noticed a squirrel scurrying up a tree with something red in his/her mouth. To me it looked like a strawberry but then this afternoon coming back from work I found this. It was right below the tree where I had seen the squirrel. I chuckled at first upon realizing that it was a little red heart. I wondered just where she'd found this. I thought about leaving it where I had found it but I decided that her loss was my gain.


Wendy said...

What is it made of luz? What a fun thing to find!

Luz said...

It's made of fabric and it's stuffed. I made the mistake of dropping it and now the dog wants to play with it.

Just Me said...

" i lost my heart in houston, texas..."

Borya said...

finding a heart in the strangest places.