Friday, February 28, 2014

How About Them Cowgirls

How About Them Cowgirls by Nieve44/Luz
How About Them Cowgirls, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
Ok, so we're missing our cowgirl hats but the George Strait cap makes up for ours!

Yes, that's right this Texas gal flew to Ohio to see the Texas cowboy in the dead of winter over President's day but only for the King of Country and his last tour was the trip worth making. Well that and it gave me chance to visit with my dear friend Kim and see SNOW! Boy, did I see snow!!!

I was like a kid in a candy store with so much white! For me it was such a novelty to see but for those living there they are plain sick of snow-all 51+ inches of the white stuff this winter. The entire state was practically covered in snow!! Yes, it was cold since the weekend that I was there the temps never rose above freezing but I was bundled up with boots, hat, scarf, gloves, thermals and winter jacket.

Seeing George was such a treat as I haven't seen him perform in several years and this was about my 6th time to see him. We had great seats and George and the audience were super excited--there was so much electricity in the venue. So yes, flying to Ohio was so worth it for this cowgirl at heart!

Title borrowed from the song by George Strait of which he sang that night and it's always been on of my favorites...

How about them cowgirls, boys aint they something. They sure are some proud girls... She's trying hard to fit in in some city but her home is beneath that big blue sky and the northern plains and those big wide open spaces.... She don't need you and she don't need me, she can do just fine on own two feet but she wants a man who wants her to be herself... treat her right and she'll love you like no one else. Yeah, how about them cowgirls?

Kudos to Kim for her new life. She got engaged, bought a new car, and getting ready to move to her dream house in the country with a pool on 6+ acres. Hills and long winding country roads that take you to some wide open spaces galore. All under a blue clear sky with falling stars galore in the evening sky--of which I can't wait to go back and experience one summer to escape the dreary summer heat. So, yes I plan to go back soon and often.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do for Love (with Lyrics)

Been hooked on this song thanks to the car commercial.  Just downloaded the album too.  Not sure how I missed that jewel.