Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Post Op-Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty got put back together again on Monday
and more importantly the damage to my knee was not as
bad as previously thought, which is definitely good news.
Still, I don't see myself running marathons anytime soon
--not that I ever did!!!
Walking around on crutches is not fun--I almost fell yesterday and
going up the steps at my mom's was a task!
I have to remind myself to walk slow.
Thus, SLOW is the new word of the week!
Friends and family have been quick with well wishes and offers for help,
which is much appreciated. I've got nearly everything I need
...a few good books to read, a warm bed, an iPod full of music and a laptop from
which to connect to the internet. I have a bunch of DVD's I had rented
to watch but just found out this laptop isn't DVD friendly. :-(
Boris...if you're reading this I'm anxiously awaiting pictures of your NYC adventure
and meeting up with Ottmar! C'mon make Humpty Dumpty's day! :-)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Daylight Melody

Agua Bella
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...with the passing of night comes daylight and it's own melody of sights and sounds. Whenever, I hear water it makes me pause and soothes my soul. It's an elixir, an opiate that massages the senses.
Next to my bed I have this half moon like object that plays nature sounds and mine is always set to water. Each night I press the button and the water sounds lull me to sleep and becomes my nighttime melody.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

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a thank you for family, friends, loved ones far and near, the gift of life, the gift of sight and all the other senses. I'm off to Corpus Christi for the holiday...we haven't been home for Thanksgiving in about 15 years, so this will be an interesting trip back home to see family. By the way the forecasted temperature will be around 80 degrees. YUCK...eating turkey with the air conditioner on! :-(

Nonetheless, a safe journey for others who are traveling as well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


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Music: Silence: No More Longing, Ottmar Liebert

Mood: Serene

While hiking this past weekend I was in a sea of beautiful trees all dressed up in their fall colors. There were more green and golds than there were reds but no matter. Each seemed to beckon me to capture their beauty in a photo.

Trees, leaves, birds, squirrels, rocks, cliffs, canyons, caves, trails, hills, waterfalls, ponds, and streams were just a small sampling of sights, sounds and scents that invigorated my soul. I was inspired by the serenity of nature and reminded by mother earth that if we stop to breathe her essence and beauty we can all become one...just floating through time.
...PS-ONE month from today I'll be floating....at Ottmar's concert. :-)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nature Beckons...

Yellow Wildflower
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...I'm off this weekend on another camping adventure and looking forward to getting out of town for the weekend. The chaos of the city won't be missed. I'll be in search of lots of nature photos and just taking in the scenery and listening to nature instead of the noise of living in the city.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


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Music: Winter Blue, Ottmar Liebert
Mood: Happy and Sad

Thanks to Mario for scoring two front row tiks to Ottmar's concert next month...that's the happy news. The sad news is that I will be having surgery on my knee on November 28th (Arthroscopic). Thus, I may be on crutches but one way or another, I'm going to that concert--even if I have to crawl or scoot down to the front row!