Sunday, July 20, 2014

George Winston - Colors/Dance

Music is such a window to the soul for me and this beautiful piece by George Winston is one of my all time favorites of his from his gorgeous album, Autumn which is my favorite seasons of the year. There's just nothing like the chill of an early fall to wake me up from my slumber of hibernation as we say goodbye to the dog days of summer and the dreadful heat of the latter days of July & the whole month of August. Some people go into depression mode as winter nears but not me--I get into my depression stage around this time of year as I feel the walls closing in with no escape near.  I long for the Colors/Dance of autumn and look up into the stars, the moon to see their dance as the seasons change.  Summer is a time when most head to the sea but for me I love the sea in cooler months.

Around the first time I first heard this piece by George Winston was just before the fall in the early 1980's when I was at a retreat and walked the beach for endless miles and a journey that would change my life onto another course.  Back then I had an old cassette tape of this music and I wore it out then. As I type this post, I'm downloading the album again from iTunes and come to find out the 20th edition was released back in 2001.   I think the following fall after the album was released was when I went to see George perform at Jones Hall.  He was so low-key walking out and playing with socks.  His music then as is now is tranquilizing! Just what this depressed soul needed to hear tonight to get me through the next 1/2 of summer with a longing/love for Autumn when I can emerge from my cocoon happily gazing at the colors/dance of life.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Andrea Boceli - Romanza 4º álbum 1997

I literally wore this album out when it first came out.  Haven't listened to it in a very long time.  I forgot what Romanza is like. Love Andrea Bocelli!! Think, I'll pour a glass of wine and light a candle and feel the beauty in the burning fire glow, while saying a little prayer for hope. Quiero vivere!