Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring on the Wonder

Bring on the Wonder
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title from song on the wonderful CD "Laws of Illusion" by Sarah McLachlan.

I can't see the stars anymore living here
Let's go to the hills where the outlines are clear

Bring on the wonder
Bring on the song
I pushed you down deep in my soul for too long

I fell through the cracks at the end of my street
Let's go to the beach, get the sand through our feet....
Bring on the wonder....

The past year was filled with wonder and surprises both dark and full of light. With a new year there is always much anticipation and more fittingly opportunity. Still, one can easily get lost in the darkness of clouds that tend to follow us by our own hand and at the hands of others. It was very cloudy at the beach yesterday as have been the past few months but amidst the rough waters I still felt a sense of peace, renewal, hope and more importantly wonder.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poets and Angels

Poets and Angels
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and Buddhas
and poinsettias
and music by Ottmar Liebert
marking the Winter Solstice
and the celebration of Christmas.

I remember years back, I had a student comment to me in my office
when he saw my Buddha on the bookshelf...
"Shame on you, you worship Buddha"
all the while shaking his finger at me.
My response to him was first of all.
"I am free to worship whomever I want"
and second of all the statute was a gift from a student
We may not agree with all religions and all their teachings but
we should nonetheless respect their beauty, grace and reverence.

The Buddha, a special Guardian, and the Virgin May are just a few of the statues that grace my meditation garden.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells
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and bike bells. This past Saturday, I joined the Houston Bicycle Club on their annual evening Holiday bike tour through the streets of downtown and over to the neighborhood fest of, "Lights in the Heights". Riders (myself included) dressed up their bikes with Christmas lights and decorations. What a fun night! Despite a roaring cold front that came blowing during our ride, the evening was such as blast. The photo is taken at the porch of my co-worker Gail who hosted a party for the bikers. BTW, she bikes to work almost everyday. Sadly, though I didn't take any photos of my bike. I still have all the lights hooked up and will try and get some in a few days. I'm eager to take the bike out again and ride around the neighborhood the next couple of nights. Anyone want to join me? BYOB! Get it?!

Oh and Santa, I've been a really good girl this year and really would like a new bike!

Thursday, December 09, 2010


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Things I see while walking Chulo. This was taken some three years ago and has always been one of my faves-taken with a camera phone no less.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Rolling in the Deep

the song by
is on repeat mode on my iTunes.
Eagerly anticipating her new CD.
Powerful voice, love the title and the lyrics blow me away.
In my next life, I want to be a song writer.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Let the Rain

Let the Rain
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I wish I were pretty, I wish I were brave
If I owned this city then I'd make it behave
and if I were fearless, then I'd speak my truth
and the the world would hear this
that's what I wish I'd do
If my hands could hold them,
you'd see it take all these secrets in me
and I'd move and mold them to be something I'd set free
I want to darken the skies, open the floodgates up
I want to change my mind, I want to be enough
I want the water in my eyes, I want to cry until the end of time
I want to let the rain come down, make a brand new ground,
let the rain come down, let the rain come down
Make a brand new ground, let the rain come down tonight
I hold on to worry so tight, it's safe in here right next to my heart
who now shouts at the top of her voice
let me go, let me out of this, it wasn't my choice
and I always felt it before that the world was filled with much more
than the drowning soul I've learned to be
I just need the rain to remind me
I want to darken the skies
open the floodgates up, I want to change my mind, I want to be enough
I want the water in my eyes and I want to cry until the end of time
I want to let the rain come down and make a brand new ground.

title inspired by Sara Barelies and her beautiful song, Let the Rain from her CD, "Kaleidoscope Heart". These flowers in my garden had been transplanted, and the night before it poured rain whereby splashing some more dirt onto the petals. So not only did the rain come down but it's making brand new ground in my backyard-especially since my Japanese elm was taken down. It's always good to let the rain come down and make a brand new ground. BTW, congrats to Sara for her Grammy nomination. Her music is so fresh and I have certainly worn out the new CD.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

First bloom

First bloom
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it's December 1st and you know what that means? Time for my favorite bloom of the year. I just love this plant. It brings me such beauty.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Les roses d’Ispahan

Still counting my blessings on the last hour of this Thanksgiving. Listening to the wonderful track from the CD, "Winter Rose" by Ottmar Liebert. Wonderful music inspired by the holidays for sure! Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with soft color and beauty. Onwards to Christmas-only 30 days away.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Final Drum

Upcoming CD/The Final Drum to be released!
Thank you Kelly Roberti for the honor
of my photo gracing the cover.
Can't wait to hear all the music.

Monday, November 01, 2010

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

Well when they die,
they go through heaven's pearly gates
and hear this
sung in all its glory
by Joan Osborne.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Between Here and Gone

Arc of the moon
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Tonight the moon came up, it was nearly full.
Way down here on earth, I could feel its pull.
The weight of gravity or just the lure of light,
Made me want to leave my only home tonight.
Yeah I'm just wondering how we know where we belong.
Is it in a photograph, or a dashboard poet's song?
Will I have missed my chance to right some ancient wrong,
Should I find myself between here and gone?

Now I could grab my keys and peel out in my truck,
With every saint on board bringing me their luck.
I could drive too fast, like a midnight's thief,
As if there was a way to outrun the grief.
Yeah I'm just wondering how we know where we belong.
In a song that's left behind in a dream I couldn't wake from.
Could I have felt the brush of a soul that's passing on,
Somewhere in between here and gone?

Up above me, wayward angels, a blur of wings and grace.
One for courage, one for safety, one for just in case.

I thought a light went out, but now the candle shines.
I thought my tears wouldn't stop, then I dried my eyes.
And after all of this, the truth that holds me here,
Is that this emptiness is something not to fear.
Yeah, I'll keep wondering how we know where we belong,
After all the journeys made, and the journeys yet to come.
When I feel like giving up instead of going on,
Somewhere in between.

Yeah, I'm just wondering how we know where we belong.
Is it in the arc of the moon, leaving shadows on the lawn?
In the path of fireflies and a single bird at dawn,
Singing in between here and gone.

title/music/words by Mary Chapin Carpenter. I guess you can tell what I've been listening to lately. I do love her music and feel as if she's writing about my life at times. BTW, the past few mornings there has been a bird at dawn that awakens me. Thank you angels for showing me grace and beauty the past few days somewhere in between here and gone.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holding Up the Sky

Lone Rider
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I found myself between two places, neither of them home
I could not recognize the faces and I never felt so alone
I found myself between two choices to settle or to run
All my life I've heard the voices but this time mine's the only one
I wanna feel what the wind feels like, I wanna go that high
and feel no fear instead of being down here holding up the sky
Life astounds us in an instant, changing all we know
Blink just once and then you've missed it and all that you can do is watch it go, watch it go.
I found myself between two lifetimes, the sunset and the dawn
I reached out and took the lifeline offered up between here and gone
I want to know what the wind feels like
I want to go that high and feel no fear instead of being down here holding up the sky.

words and music by Mary Chapin Carpenter... and yes, I really want to go that high and know what the wind feels be master of my domain and be a bird with wings.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


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from out of the darkness and into the light. I didn't realize how blind I had become but now I am slowly coming out of my dark slumber and ready to see the light again with eyes wide open.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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as the sun sets there is only Silence: No More Longing. It's ironic sometimes how some things are so easy to let go.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lucky 7's

Magic numbers
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on a magical numbers weekend. Started my weekend on Thursday afternoon, celebrated my birthday on Friday by driving up to Austin and spent Saturday driving through the Texas Hill Country. The day was FAB. Came back today --another magical day of 10-10-10 and it is the 10th hour of the evening. How was your 10-10-10?

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Butterfly bush
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Music: This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies, Ottmar Liebert /Spanish Sun. (found exclusively at Target.& exquisite)
Mood: Mellow-thanks to the wine, Las Rocas-Garnacha (Spain). Viva Espana!

Here we are in October and fall has finally arrived-somewhat. It was a long, hot summer and my favorite month has arrived. I can come out of hibernation now! ;-) In September, my camera bit the dust and I ended up purchasing another cheap Fuji and here is the end result. I so wanted a Nikon and almost gave in but have to keep expenses down.

Been taking advantage of the nicer weather and sitting outside and soaking in the feel of the north wind, which is exhilarating, especially at night. Sitting under the stars by candlelight with the burning of incense--it's become my quiet time before going to bed. Soon, I can light up the chiminea! Next week lows are supposed to be in the 50's! Bring it on!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my friend Heather couldn't have said it better....

Fall, I'm so glad you're finally here.
I've been waiting for you all summer!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Got Hatch?

Got Hatch?
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Check! On sale at Whole Foods and sign read, "fresh from New Mexico"! ;-) They are quite tasty this year. Roasted just one over fire and enjoyed it w/some black beans and chicken. The scent of fire roasted chile did permeate throughout my house last night..."the Scent of Hatch"! ;-) I just might have to roast another one tonight over fire and enjoy it with a burger as I still remember the green eyed monster from last summer. My mouth is salivating as I type this!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Luz in a rain drop

Let the Rain
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Thanks Michael for the idea. Tropical storm Hermine brought dark clouds and heavy rain making it hard to see the light but here it was in my own backyard. BTW, wouldn't mind the rain, if only it would bring cooler weather. Can't wait to kiss summer (with all its heat, humidity) goodbye!

Monday, August 30, 2010


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...years of community service with no parole...
My brother Arnold and his 25th Wedding Anniversary cake! BTW, those are not his words but his wife's instead! ;-)
It was good cake and wish I had some now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Up Close-Embrace

Up Close-Embrace
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This dragonfly actually moved their head to look at me while I was trying to take the photo. I thought for sure it would fly away but thankfully it decided to stay put-thus an acknowledgement of prescence- an embrace if you will between living beings-dragonfly and human. After taking the photo, I thanked him for sharing his beauty. In looking back through photos I found this taken by Cheryl from 2007 and around the same location...same dragonfly!? Perhaps! :-) Title taken from song by Ottmar Liebert CD, The Scent of Light.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Welcome to My Heaven

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"we got ourselves one hell of a place ...
and looking down at the world below a bunch of whining, fighting schmoes... There's pools, and lakes, and hills and mountains, music, and art. We live in our own condos with to die for views and you come as you are. Lots of stars just for wishing and where we say a prayer for levitating. You can look back on your life but it can't matter what you're not because by the time you're here, were all we've got. Welcome to my heaven".

inspired by Mary Chapin-Carpenter titled song, "My Heaven" and thank you Mr. Gull for your grace and beauty and sharing a small slice of your heaven. Finishing up the photos traveling down Highway 101 on the Oregon coast,
where I took a wonderful walk on the beach.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Charged up!

Charged up!
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Someone turned up the volume at House of Blues last night as Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra were in the house. The band was jumping! Michael Chavez-drummer was on fire. What a difference from two weeks ago in Portland. Must be something about a Saturday nite crowd. An electrifying and intoxicating evening indeed.

I went with my friends Kim & Jhon and we were celebrating her 50th birthday. She called this morning to thank me for such a wonderful evening of music and friendship and an even bigger thank you for her surprise gift- CD - Petals on the Path, which Ottmar graciously personalized and autographed. Thank you Ottmar! Kim's husband commented that she's been on cloud 9 since last night, said she's been "Dancing Alone" to the music...even in her sleep! ;-)

We were already making plans for the next time Ottmar comes to town but might prove to be difficult since they might be moving in the fall. Nonetheless, memories from last night will always be there.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

In heaven

In heaven!
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Back from my Oregon vacation that began in Portland, followed by a scenic drive down the beautiful Oregon coast, then over to Eugene and back up to Portland. More photos and blog to follow but special thank you to Cheryl and her dog Cali for their wonderful hospitality this past week. Here I am in heaven...High atop highway 101 @ West Shelter, Cape Perpetua (Day Use) where on a clear day one can see over 70 miles of coastline.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden Party

Garden Party
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This past weekend, I went to a Garden Party-my own! Another phase in the projects list is done. My house has been transformed again complete with new landscape including bricks, new plants, mulch and more mulch. I went for the exotic look to include bamboo, bird of paradise, pineapple guava, plumeria, and philodendron just to name a few of the many plants added. Thanks again to Dan for his landscape design and three days of backbreaking work in 100+ degree weather in order to make my dream a reality.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sometimes not often enough,
we reflect upon the good things
and those thoughts always settle around those we love
and I think about those people
who mean so much to me
and for so many years have made me so very happy
and I count the times,
I have forgotten to say "Thank You"
and just how much I love them.
music by the Carpenters.

A very dear co-worker is leaving for her new promotion in Qatar
and we had a little going away party for her today
at work. There were many tears shed by students
and co-workers and so far I've held mine back...until now.
Godspeed Iffat for you will be truly missed
and Thank You for always lending a listening ear.
You are truly one of a kind.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Soft Place to Fall

One of my favorite songs by Allison Moorer from one of my favorite movies and books.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad

repost-but one of my favorite photos of my dear dad. I love you dad and give thanks to the Man upstairs for the blessings He has bestowed on our family.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What You Look For

What You Look For
Originally uploaded by Nieve44/La Luz the sun and it shines back
and be the one who wonders at it all.
words by Mary Chapin Carpenter
from titled song on CD, Age of Miracles.
Yes, I still wonder at it all!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Future Green

Future Green
Originally uploaded by Nieve44/La Luz
as titled by new
Ottmar Liebert CD
Petals on the Path
and track 5
"Future Green".
Very much looking forward to seeing
concerts in Portland and Houston
next month.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


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When you see me fly away without you
Shadow on the things you know
Feathers fall around you
and show you the way to go...
Tomorrow see the things that never come today

It's's over.

For my cousin who passed away this weekend.
I''ll always remember those childhood days
in Corpus Christi.

Monday, May 31, 2010

May reflections

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So here ends another month and summer is knocking on the door loud and clear. I can't say that I love summers-especially here in Texas with the awful heat and humidity. Usually, I go into hibernation but trying to force myself to get out more and exercise. Chulo and I have taken to walking again after I get back from my bike ride. The bike has been calling my name more of late and it is nice to feel the wind on my face-what littler there is these days. Thankfully the rains have been somewhat steady this past month and with it come dark clouds with very nice breezy winds.
There are a few nice things I am looking forward to this summer. June brings the release of Ottmar Liebert's new CD-POP/Petals on the Path. July brings another week of vacation and seeing an Ottmar Liebert concert at House of Blues and in August, Lilith Fair stops by at the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavillion.
The next three months will seem like an eternity but I only have to look back at how fast the last three months have flown.

BTW, today was Memorial Day and I never forget this special day for all our veterans and always remember that some gave all.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bambusa chungii

Bambusa chungii
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My new prized possession!
Bambusa Chungii
Have been wanting to purchase bamboo
for quite some time.
Acutally, I bought two last month
as the left side of garden is a
Textilis "Gracilis

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I was a Bird

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I was a bird,
that loved to fly,
catching the wind as it went south
and I could touch every inch of sky
and the sweetest songs trilled from my mouth
but I'm no bird anyone can see
and there's no wind waiting for me
It's just a dream, it's just a dream
to be a bird flying free....
lyrics by Mary Chapin Carpenter

This little birdie had just sprung free from his nest box and I managed to capture him before he truly tested his wings by flying off into the big unknown world
and for a second I so wished I had his wings.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

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Thank you mom for all you have given. I cannot believe how fast the years have gone. One of my most treasured moments that I will never forget is when I earned my Master's Degree and I found you in the crowd with tears flowing down your face. I will always know how proud you are of I am of you.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

April Showers

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Bring May flowers, but really this photo was taken in April and one of my faves in capturing such colorful blooms found while visiting Caldwell Nursery in Rosenberg. My backyard garden was expanded last month and I bought various plants/flowers but this kind did not make the trek back home to Houston.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Age of Miracles

by the wonderful
Mary Chapin Carpenter.
CANNOT wait for the April 27th!
Lots of great music coming out soon.
POP by Ottmar Liebert on June 15th
New music by Mana and tour to follow
New music by Sarah McLachlan of Lilith Fair
which is coming to Houston in August!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010


my version, his version.
Chulo led me to this path
having walked it before
I took the photo.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Originally uploaded by Nieve44/La Luz
Self moving vehicle.
Kanji by Yumiko.
Yumi kindly reciprocates
by posting on her blog.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stand and Deliver!

Have you made a difference?
I did!
Advising several of my students today.
Here's someone else that made a difference
the great educator-Jaime Escalante
who died yesterday.
Thank you Jaime for your 'ganas' -determination
in making a difference.
You were truly an inspiration and have left behind a great legacy.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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stopped by the old house to pick up some last minute items from parent's old house, which already is being remodeled as the kitchen walls were all torn up. WOW, that was tough to swallow and as I was leaving, I thanked the Man upstairs for all the blessings that were received in that home. Many plants and flowers didn't survive the freeze but mom's azaleas were in full bloom and snapped this photo as I was leaving and admittedly with a tear in my eye. I've been sad ever since pulling out of the driveway this afternoon. I sure wish I could have brought this plant back with me to my house. Believe me, I tried but it just wasn't budging.

Never Leave the Sun

I was bringing this home from work as it belonged to one of my co-workers and was stuck in traffic and so I decided take a photo and to my surprise, here's what came out of my Blackberry.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"A Growing Time"

"A Growing Time"
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it's the spring time of the year, the sun is moving near.... music, words and inspiration by the late Dan Fogelberg.
Here, you see new my neighbors are busily getting their new home ready for the coming of the offspring...yes indeed a growing time and it brings me sweet joy.