Friday, May 23, 2014

My Sweet Lord

Listening to my favorite song by George Harrison.  Just love the guitar intro and the Hare Krishna mantra...

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama

In his 1980 autobiography, I, Me, Mine, he would explain that the blending of gospel "hallelujah"s with chanted "Hare Krishna"s was intended to show that the two phrases meant "quite the same thing", as well as to get listeners chanting the Maha mantra "before they knew what was going on!"[20

I really, really want a poster of the LP!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chi-Wahwah Beauty

Just an update to the blog--not much to say since Easter came and went as well as the month of April.  Ok, well lots to say but some things are better left unsaid.  Actually, I was glad to say goodbye to April since the passing of my sweet & dear Chulo.  I had looked forward to the month starting then but it hit me so hard and sent me to my knees.  Slowly been picking myself up and was going to give myself till the end of May when I was on vacation to look into getting a new dog but then came the email last Thursday--letting me know that a chihuahua puppy was left to fend for herself near a busy intersection and if I was interested in fostering her--with an option for adoption.  So to make a long story short --I got her on Friday.  Lord, what did I get myself into I told myself as I was driving home and the pup was crying up a river of tears in the back seat!  It's been a long while since I've had a puppy around--much less clean up after her endless pooping and peeing!  Potty training is not fun nor is the endless biting and chewing she is into!!! I quickly realized how spoiled I was with Chulo.

Does she have a name yet?  Not officially--still debating and there are a lot of if's too!  Have I fallen madly in love with her?! NO!!!  Not yet, but we are slowly getting to know one another. She's been through a rough time having been abandoned and me having lost my last chi.  This week as I go back to work will be an adjustment for both of us.

In the photo, she is playing with one of Chulo's toys-Tiger and she's taken quite a liking to him. Dad asked me if I was going to name her Chula--which is the female version of Chulo and I've pretty much ruled that name out.  For now, she's called Teeny or mama but I'll have to do some talking to the moon in the next few evenings but till then she's still a Chi-Wahwah Beauty! ;-)

Title taken from song by Ottmar Liebert on his cd Opium.