Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Word of the Day: Gravity
Music: Gravity, John Mayer
Gravity, is working against me
And Gravity, wants to bring me down
Oh, I've never known what makes this man
With all the love that this heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away
Whoa, Gravity is working against me
And Gravity, it wants to bring me down
Oh, twice as much aint twice as good
And can't sustain like one half could
It's wanting more that's gonna set me to my knees
Now how can that be...
Yes, I feel like gravity is working against me
in more ways than one...especially on my physical body! :-(
Too much drooping and sagging!
Side note: John Mayer's music has been in high rotation these days! Digging the music and lyrics. Lyrics remind me of Mary Chapin-Carpenter.

Blonde Bond....

is the bomb!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving


PS - from a very nice email I just opened...not mine but MJ's:

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don't know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made a difference.

It's easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who
are also thankful for the setbacks.

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
and they can become your blessings.


Today, I am thankful for the gift of life,

family, friends, and loved near ones are far.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Princess Erika

Wishing a very
Happy Birthday
to my dear dad
who today is a
very young 75!
Dad, I love you!
Baking a cake to go
with that ice cream for you!

Friday, November 17, 2006



of light...birthday light & love for my nephew Greg who today turned 20! Where has time gone? I remember all too well when he was born. The first born grandchild into the family and we were all crying tears of joy. His tiny little hands and feet seemed so fragile back then. It was a celebratory mood indeed! I had gone out the night before his birth to celebrate with a friend who been accepted into medical school. After two bottles of champayne we finally got home after 2:30 a.m. and climbed up the stairs all too happy to be able to sleep in and sleep off the alcohol. Just as I was getting ready to turn off the light and crawl under the covers the phone rings and it was my brother. He and his wife were at the hospital--a week early! It feels just like yesterday.

Friday, November 10, 2006



...another weekend is here! Thank goodness! We finally go some rain this evening which brought cooler temps and just in time as today's high reached near 87! :-(