Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mi Arbolito

Mi Arbolito
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Funny in that my mom didn't put up a tree this year but she has all the gifts-wrapped already. I have the tree and I have no gifts under the tree. I usually don't start wrapping till Christmas Eve anyway. The tree needs more lights, IMHO and is barren at the top. There was another tree that I had my eye on but it was already spoken for. BTW, I was at a Kroger supermarket yesterday and they were giving away trees-FREE! I almost brought one home to put in the backyard. I remember one Christmas, years ago I was heading to the Medical Center to pick up my roomate then and cars were dodging something in the road and when it came my turn to veer to the left, there was this Christmas tree that fell off the back of somebody's car. I pulled over to move the tree out of the road and then I realized, heck why not bring it home. It was a beautiful high end tree valued around $70. Imagine paying that kind of money, getting home and realizing the tree is not there!? My roomie and I were moving into a condo that late December and there wasn't much in the condo at the time but that beautiful tree. Before she headed home for the holidays we put a fire in the fireplace, popped some popcorn and decorated the tree. It was pretty barren but it was a beautiful tree. We had fun laughing, singing Christmas carols and decorating that tree.


Kym. said...

Having fun laughing and singing... (under a beautiful - free - tree!). Sounds like a nice Christmas story to remember :)
Happy holidays!

Sandi said...

Great story! Have a wonderful holiday.