Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I Couldn't Resist

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Music can be expensive between buying CD's and concert tickets...but hey this is my only vice! Something to look forward too to get me through the long hot summer. Waiting for Ottmar's December performance to go on sale to add another ticket to my collection. Now if I can just get that iPod!

the attached picture of my U2 concert ticket has been removed to prevent any duplication/scanning of my ticket.


Live_U4 said...

Hi!! It's a pleasure to read other U2 fans! The shame is that they aren't going to come to Mexico. Well, I guess that I will have to wait Octuber to read your review! ;)

Kiyomi said...

Hey, so good of you!!! ... ah, no PHOTOS??... too bad... but anyway, congrats and enjoy!!!!

Kym. :)

Luz said...

Hola live_u4...yes, too bad U2 isn't coming to Mexico. That would be some concert to see.

Junniper said...

Oh, you lucky bum. They're coming to Portland, and the tickets sold out in 2 hours. The people who waited in line didn't even get them because people on the internet got to them all.

Wendy said...

U2 just played here in Vancouver last week, a friend from work went to the concert and said it was GREAT! You will have fun luz!

Adam Solomon said...


Have fun!!

Can I come? :D