Friday, May 06, 2005

Bringer of Light

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Music: Waiting 4 Stars to Fall
Mood: Chillin

I found this cool water fountain for my office. At $10 bucks it was a bargain and even has colorful light bulb that illuminates the water. My office rocks if I say so myself. Students walk in and say the same thing. It is my oasis--a place of refuge for myself and the students I serve. Many of my students face difficult challenges trying to accomplish their goal of a college education and I want to offer a place of refuge. I read that my first name which is Lucille name means, "Light: one who brings light". In my office I've created a light, open and welcoming environment and try to offer a ray of light and a shoulder to lean on.

I've got Ottmar playing in the background and a miniature Zen rock garden that helps to set the tone. A small statue of Budda and Shiva flank the rock garden on each side and of course lots of plants and usually a fresh flower on my desk each week. Sometimes students don't want to leave my office. Of course I love it when they ask what kind of music is playing. :-)

May is the time of graduation and this week I've recieved 5 invites from previous students I've worked with who are graduating which is what makes my job so rewarding.


Adam Solomon said...

Whoa......that's so cool! I think you have my ideal of an office, that sounds awesome. Take some pictures! ;) What college do you teach at, what do you teach? I hope whatever school I go to has cool, Zen, Ottmar-listening profs like you....haha

Wendy said...

It sounds like you have created an "enlightening" atmosphere luz! How nice for you and all that enter. I have a small water fountain in my bedroom, love the sound of the trickling water.

Kiyomi said...

hmmm... Yes, indeed, please post pics of your office, Luz! I'd like to learn from you. My office is so far from being ZEN... it's nothing but a chaos :(

Just Me said...

Sound wonderful! Having that space to retreat to is so important. I don't know why more people don't take the time to create themselves a comfortable working environment: it makes such a difference to your productivity and peace of mine.