Sunday, June 10, 2012

Passionate Kisses & Anticipation

I've been a fan of Mary Chapin Carpenter for many years and got the chance to see her perform live last summer in Austin.  She's got a new CD, "Ashes & Roses" that'll be released this coming Tuesday and I cannot wait (anticipation) to download her new music. Her music and lyrics speak volumes to my heart and soul.  Here's one of my all time fave songs from her, Passionate Kisses and some of the words really ring true for me at 50 something...

Yes, a comfortable bed that won't hurt my back isn't too much to ask...
Yes, would love to have a rock and roll band in my backyard-don't know that my neighbors would appreciate that though.
Yes, I hate pens that run out of ink--especially my favorite pen and I am picky about pens!
Yes, I demand cool quiet and time to think and those are moments that I treasure
and oh yes, passionate kisses from you.


Kym. said...

I agree 100 x 100%!!
...although I could skip all the other things if I could have the passionate kisses! ;)

Luz said...

@Kym: Indeed passionate kisses from him always trumps everything! But wine or passionate kisses?! Hmmm, that's a tough one!;)

Kym. said...

wine and cheese! For wine and cheese, I'd choose even passionate kisses to live without!