Friday, November 30, 2012


Where it all began by Nieve44/Luz
Where it all began, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.
Word of the day: Sobremesa
Music: Morning Arrival in Goa
In my glass: Holy Mole

Inspired by a twitter conversation with Ottmar Liebert about sobremesa. I replied how I miss it and love it. His reply -"it's more valuable than anything money can buy". Indeed it is! Yesterday at work, we had a small going away reception for a co-worker and after we ate it was so nice to sit in conversation and catch up with one another.

Photo above is a reflection shot from 3 years ago when friends/fanmencas had finished lunch and we were just sitting, conversing and enjoying new friendships.

Last month one of my Chinese students invited me to his house for dinner and there were other guests--one from Pakistan who has traveled extensively.  While the food was wonderful the conversation after was so engaging.

Just this week, I re-connected with another co-worker who has moved to Eugene, Oregon and despite the distance we're talking about getting together again soon for lunch and catching up with one another. I look forward to the sobremesa!

Think I'll throw a dinner party soon but who to invite for the sobremesa?! ;-)  Who would you invite for your sobremesa?

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