Tuesday, September 01, 2009


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Here's my TRIO of loved ones from Erika's birthday dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe taken on August 21st. This year was #20 and so hard to believe! As I write this, it is September 1st AND where did the past three months go much less the past 20 years and three months from now where will have time gone?

Summer began with Erika moving out and returning back home but for good this time as she decided to pursue her studies at the Community College, which makes better sense given finances. Just as I was getting used to her being gone and re-arranging her room into the guest room, came the request from my nephew asking if he could move in. So, he and his sister traded spaces and three months later he's moved in and still settling into his new surroundings but so far all is well. He comes and goes as much as Erika did and maybe even more, which is fine...just as long as he pays the agreed rent for the next year then we'll be in good terms! ;-)

BTW, is Martin next in line to move in? Only time will tell.

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