Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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Painful past week and a half...in that I didn't have access to the internet at home. WARING-AT&T is BAD!!!! I got so screwed by them in the past few months with either the phone line dead and/or the internet dead and each time I called they assured me that the problem was fixed but to no avail! I think in the past three summer months, I had called a total of 6 times for repair. I finally gave up on them fixing the problem and am now online by way of Comcast. Much faster for sure and with cable connection

The photo was taken last week at the office after I broke another piece of glass...this time a frame. Previously, I had broken two glasses at home...one wine glass and a vase. When I bent down to pick up the glass in my office it hit me that maybe this was some kind of sign. So, I asked my massage therapist on Saturday and sure enough her reply was "reflection of self and the changes...a disconnection of the past and a connection to the future by way of CLARITY. Of course, I mentioned my upcoming 50th birthday next month and her reply was...."there you have it...the explanation.

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Sandi said...

We also blew off AT&T and went with Comcast. MUCH better!

As for turning 50 - it's totally a great birthday. I felt like someone had given me a huge blank clip chart and a box of 15o crayons and how I drew the future was all up to me! And so far it's been wonderful (13 years later). 50 is the beginning of one of the best stages of life. Old enough to not take things so seriously. Young enough to still have fun and adventure. 60's have been pretty good, too, so far!