Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Anybody there?
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While in Santa Fe, Linda graciously offered her apt but warned me of the cats and all the cat hair I would come home with. Well, she was right. I did laundry last night and sure enough the cat hair was all over my clothes. I'm more of a dog person but after seeing her young kitten Yarrow, I could've easily become a new cat lover. He was a rambuctious kitten into everything and chasing his toys all over the place. Of course at night, while we were trying to sleep he wanted to play and he would be whining by the door. In the mornings, I'd wake up and there he was waiting with his paw peeping through the doorway. I fell in love with this kitten and teased Linda that I would sneak him in my suitcase. Sure enough, while I was packing to head home ...there he was trying to get into the suitcase. Believe me, if I could've I would've! ;-) Now that I'm back I miss playing with him. Oh yeah, Chulo wasn't too happy when I got back and he caught a scent of cat! Yes, Chulo you still come first!


Desert Diva said...

I totally agree - Yarrow was a sweet little guy!

LindaW said...

hey Luz, should I bring him with me to Houston??

Today I got Yarrow his own carrier/ The poor little guy needs to be neutered.. asap. (he was agentleman when I took him to the office for socialization)

Strange, Albie used to ge the same attention.. but is barely remembered after one meets Yarrow. (who is making his way across the desk to me right now.. I love him dearly) !