Saturday, November 01, 2008

Official Bike Ride!

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My first ""official" bike ride. My nephew/Greg and I joined others with Bike Barn of Houston on their "Day of the Dead" tour. It was only supposed to be two hours but ended up being more like 4 because of so many riders. We had a police escort along the entire tour, which was nice.

One thing I forgot to bring during the bike ride last night was a camera. We toured some interesting sights and I managed to capture this one on my cameraphone. There were so many bikers there that it was impossible to walk the cemetery and it was dark-very dark--even with our bike lights. I never knew this cemetery exisisted and would love to return--but in daylight!

I really enjoyed the bike ride and thanks to my nephew for pushing me to go. I just bought the bike last week and still getting used to riding on it and wasn't sure if I was ready for such a run that was supposed to last two hours. Last Sunday I rode out to the bayou from my house which was a little over 1/2 an hour and I was tired--especially in the last 10 minutes.

Kudos again to my nephew as he is training for the MS150 next year and was such a cutie in his new biker shorts. I meant to get a picture of him as well. Because of our new interest in biking he and I have developed a closer bond with one another and I look forward to other bike rides together.

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Sandi said...

That sounds like a great time! I've never done an organized bike ride like that. Might be worth looking into.