Friday, November 14, 2008

Human Wheels

the blink of an I
Originally uploaded by Nieve44/La Luz
Human wheels spin round and round
While the clock keeps the pace
Human wheels spin round and round
Help the light to my face

This land, today, my tears shall taste
And take into its dark embrace
This love, who in my beating heart endures
Assured, by every sun that burns
The dust to which this flesh shall return
It is the ancient, dreaming dust of

...rocking the house tonight, listening to iTunes, Last FM and dancing in my chair, ahh but I find myself wanting to go dancing at the club, "Cherry Bomb". Love the oldies, remember when John Mellencamp was Johnny Cougar? I thought he was the bomb! Well, time to go to sleep but , "A'int Even Done with the Night"! Good night, sweet dreams and always remember, "I Saw You First"!

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Junniper, MPA said...

Oh, I need some new iPod music. John Mellencamp. Good idea! Thanks for the inspiration.