Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For reals?!!

Question: Do you have any recommendations for pets? Our dog is an outside dog, and I don't want him to leave a brownie on my carpet. Can I tie him to a tree? We are in the Woodlands if this helps...

Reply: I'd try to at least bring him in the garage if you can. Would you want to be tied to a tree during a hurricane?

As we prepare for hurricane Ike, all of us along the Gulf Coast wait in high anticipation--of the unknown. I'd by lying if I'd said I wasn't worried but trying to remain calm. Earlier today, I came across this and couldn't stop laughing!!! I can't believe someone actually would think of tieing up a dog up to a tree during a hurricane.

Chulo's crate is ready to go! In fact, I have two crates packed! I guess the above dog owner has never heard of a crate!


Sandi said...

Not being a pet owner, I have no idea what one should do. Sounds like a difficult issue during a difficult time. Hope all works out well.

Desert Diva said...

Yikes, I didn't realize you were in the danger zone. I hope you (and Chulo) remain safe!