Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Little Sister

Maria Posted by Hello

In my previous blogs, I've mentioned Maria and a blogger pal asked who is Maria? I realized I never got around to answering that question. So here's the story. I mentored Maria for 8 years through a mentoring program here in Houston, which is called Big Brothers, Big Sisters. So biologically, Maria is not my little sister but after watching her grow up for 8 years she might have well have been. Maria's mother died of cancer when she was 8 and we were matched when she was 10. Within the first year of our match she and I were highlighted in a United Way Commercial. In fall of 2003, I was awarded the Big Sister of the Year and Maria wrote a very touching poem which was framed and presented to me by the agency and a memento that I treasure dearly and hangs in my office. The above picture is one of my favorites of Maria as it was taken on the evening of the gala where I was honored.

Today, Maria is a freshman at college and unfortunately I don't get the chance to see her very much these days but we do speak on occasion. She's all grown up and moved on and made a new life for herself. For the broken winged bird that I nurtured finally realized she could fly and fly she has and I wish her joy in her adventures. I miss you Maria and the times we spent and no matter the miles or the distance between us I will always be your loving Big Sister.


Borya said...

Mese thinks blogger pal was yo! Hello, Maria!! How is it being married?
(My back hurts so much today, old wound from parachutism, I would like to not move at all... ah, back 2 work.)

Wendy said...

Big Sister takes a big heart! Seeing her grow up and fly away is something you can be very proud of and how nice to be honored. The flowers are beautiful...I'm not sure yet how it will feel when my girl flies away.

Kiyomi said...

...She is, and will always be your little sister :)