Monday, April 11, 2005

Longing 4...

Music: La Semana, Ottmar Liebert
Mood: Yearning

I pressed play on my portable CD player, which is set on random and Longing from La Semana begins to play and finds me...

Longing 4 silence from the trains passing by all the time
Longing 4 spring to last through the summer
Longing 4 fall to be here again
Longing 4 a blue, clear sky
Longing 4 a view of the mountains
Longing 4 the view of a million stars up in the sky
Longing 4 that special touch, embrace, passionate kiss & the whisper of "I love you"
Longing 4 a stroll on market day
Longing 4 long, silky, shiny hair
Longing 4 my own house
Longing 4 enough time to read all the books I want to read
Longing 4 recognition of an outstanding job performance
Longing 4 for dear friends & family from far away and distant pasts to be near and in the present
Longing 4 a child I could call my own
Longing 4 another magical carrousel

My list could go on and on but the underworld is taking me away for now.


Wendy said...

...Luz, maybe try listening to Surrender or Passing Storm from Nouveau Flamenco! I believe all our truest desires are fulfilled in time...!! Hey, that was a great review you wrote on the OL concert, magical carrousel. You have the gift of writing!

Borya said...

To not let the bastards grind you down you have to put a very heavy iron on the things that affect you. I don't have such an iron. That's a problem.

Wendy said...

Just facing our attachments takes courage, sometimes I feel like placing heavy irons on things can leave me feeling more weighed down, chained. This made me chuckle..."Oh God, please free me from my attachments" In His divine amusement he replies: "Child, let go of them. They are not binding you. It is you who are holding them to yourself".

Borya said...

I always was aware of my attachments and I know that at least for me, I cannot let go completely. The other persons connected with them, always tend to ignore them, to not face them. But I'm not like this. Unfortunately. Even w/o an iron placed on them, they are heavy. It's easier when you're happy in general. Maybe one should have a house somewhere in his soul. The house of attachments. Every attachment gets its own place in this house, its own cupboard. When you're out, those attachments don't grind you down. And sometimes you pass by this house, to see if everything is in order, to clean up the rooms, to put in some new attachments. I think there shouldn't be a TV in this house. There should be silence or classical music be played. The sun should come in through a window and you see the dust on the wooden floors. A rainy day would also be nice to visit that house. Take a bottle of red wine with you to have a glass when you stroll thru the rooms. And on a rainy day, I imagine Ottmar's music to be played. The lullabies or Dreaming, Little Wing or Hours. Leaning into the night would be for an evening with a sunset.

Wendy said...

You have an honest heart Borya, thanks for sharing that. I believe that the nature of the soul is that peaceful room, filled with lightness and beauty, with the rich music of silence ...