Friday, April 08, 2005


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I'm borrowing this pic from my Blogger pal Boris. Not quite sure where Amur is and if it's a sunset or sunrise photo. Nonetheless, I love this photo and quite appropriate after having watched the Pope's funeral this morning. I had so wanted to go and attend a midnight candlelight vigil this morning but opted instead to stay home, light my own candle and watch the service on television. It's been an emotional week of sorts but another day is dawning and while it's Friday, duty calls and time to get ready for work. RIP JPII.

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Borya said...

This photo was taken by my friend Vika and it's a sunset. It shows the two bridges of the Amur river, the new and the old one, when you look carefully. The old one's deconstructed in the meantime. Since the trans-sibirian railway is using that bridge and it is one of the few bridges crossing the Amur, it's considered as something like a "wonder" by the Russians.
The Amur is one of the three longest rivers in Russia togther with the Lena and the Jennisei. It's borders both China and Russia for a long time to finally head north when it meets the Ussuri in the very Far East of Russia.
There, where both rivers join, you find a city named Khabarovsk, 800km north of Wladiwostok. That's where the bridge is.
And that's where I spent several month working as a tutor in an academy for economics and law in 2000.