Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sheer Madness

Shear madness happened yesterday evening! Rather it was heavy duty loppers that I dropped on my foot that turned into a freak accident and sent me to the ER for a tetanus shot, heavy duty shot of pain medicine,  four stitches and an even bigger hit on my pocketbook.  Still it could've been worse and thankful the dang loppers didn't' go through my foot and mess up the bone or cut near an artery.  It looks worse than what it is and the soreness & swelling are starting to subside and not hopping along like I was last night.  The stitches will need to stay on for 7 days.  Again, thankful for great neighbors and friends calling to check on me..  Doc said I should be back on me feet in a day or two--just in time for the end of Spring Break vacation and work on Monday. In the meantime keeping the leg elevated and Cosmo is right next to me giving me some kisses!

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