Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mary Chapin Carpenter - "Transcedental Reunion"

Sweet memory from two years ago as I flew across a mighty ocean in giant bird's belly (KLM Boeing 747) for a Transcendental Reunion of sorts with a dear friend I had met years back in Seattle and had promised that I would visit her in Holland.   Mary Chapin beautifully captures the experience in her song.

From 20,000 feet high, I saw the lights below me, twinkling just like Christmas
We descended slowly and the curve of the world passed with all of that flying
Above a mighty ocean, and now we all are arriving...
Friends and relations leaping over hemispheres
Transcendental reunion and all borders vanish here
We are travelers traveling, we are gypsies together
we are philosophers gathering, we are business or pleasure
we are going or coming, we're just finding our way from night into day

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