Sunday, June 05, 2011


Borrasca by Nieve44/La Luz
Borrasca, a photo by Nieve44/La Luz on Flickr.

Borrowed from the CD I am listening to by Ottmar Liebert and means tempest or storm. Photo is a reprint from June 4, 2005 taken at the apartment complex I used to live. I took the photo then as it was always one of my favorite flowers and told myself that whenever I got my own garden I would be sure to add this beauty. I was smiling as I was watering the plant today. I'll have to get some photos up soon.


Desert Diva said...

Beautiful photo and so very wonderful that you have a home now to plant a garden...

Kym. said...

A wish is to come true...
You only need to make it happen.
Ya, right... ...Right?