Friday, May 20, 2011


Trekkie by Nieve44/La Luz
Trekkie, a photo by Nieve44/La Luz on Flickr.

So today was "Bike to Work" day here in Houston after after some 2+ years of riding my bike and saying I was "gonna ride my bike to work one day"...I finally did it! My drive into work is about a 12 mile ride in by freeway & without traffic can be done in about 20 minutes. My trek by bike took about an hour each way and there was a steady wind blowing that I was fighting but at least I can say I did it! Don't know that it's something I would do everyday like my co-worker Gail does--especially in the brutal heat of the summer.

I had to pack light and bring a change of clothes, soap & washcloth in which to make myself presentable for the workday. Thank goodness, I had washed my hair that morn, & moused it while wet & rewet it again before walking into the office.

There were a few points that had me nervous--especially getting past the very busy Medical Center but overall the ride was o.k. I didn't wear my usual padded bike pants so to say the least my behind is a bit sore and my knee is getting ready to be iced before calling it a night. Maybe sometime in the fall I will make the trek again but for now, I'm back to commuting by car.


Kym. said...

I'm so proud of you, Sis!
Well done!!!!!

Desert Diva said...

Wow, good for you girl! :-)

bella said...

I always joke saying how I "forgot" my bike... good for you that you did it!!