Friday, March 26, 2010

Plaza Azul

Aerial view
Originally uploaded by Nieve44/La Luz
Aerial view of my new patio. Earth and equinox influences the design resembling that of a plaza complete with Mexican River Rock and concrete stepping stones. Old patio was 11 x 6 and new patio 13 x 13, which equal a lucky number. Patio was completed in time for the Spring Equinox, March 20th. A ceremonial burial of sage and burning of incense was celebrated before the completion of the patio for continued blessings upon my home. The first day of spring is when the sun crosses into Aries, which is the sun sign of the designer-Dan Axton, who was also the designer of my patio table. Months ago, I told Dan-the handy man that I wanted a new patio and we talked about different ideas and then he came up with this design on paper. Well, needless to say the design looks much better than was what was imagined (by me) on paper. While I was busy moving my parents to their new home he spent five days working on the patio as he meticulosly worked on the right dimensions of width, depth and exact leveling in digging the 13 x 13 swatch of yard for the patio. As you can see the result is a uniquely designed patio that fits my taste and appreciation for a welcoming place in which I can recharge my body and soul as well as entertain. Speaking of entertaining--anybody up for some margaritas? Welcome to Plaza Azul.

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