Thursday, March 18, 2010

New pad

New pad
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for "Mom and Dad". They traded their old home of 45 years for a new and updated condo in Katy. Downsizing to a two bedroom, one car gargage has been a challenge though. Still, they are now just around the corner from my brother where there are five pairs of hands to help out with their needs. Now, I will be the one who will have to commute about 30 miles to visit but thanks to the new Westpark Tollway, time spent on the road has been minimized by 15 minutes. My father is loving his new garage door opener! ;-) Planning for the move was more than two years in the making. I will certainly miss having them around the corner but the change was needed as my father's Parkinson's illness is progressing. Now for a big garage sale this weekend! After wards, final cleaning and closing the door on the last chapter of our childhood home but Spring time brings new beginnings and promises for our family.

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Sandi said...

We've been through this a couple of times. Here's hoping all goes well for your parents and you. It is a challenging time, but also allows us to give back to our parents some of the nurturing they gave to us.