Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Winter Blue

the morning after
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Well December came in with a big chill bringing in some snow last Friday and this photo was taken the day after--the big meltdown. Last Friday was so beautiful with the snow falling and I wish it would've lasted longer but who knows, maybe Mother Nature will surprise us again.

Today is December 8th and is Buddha's day. I refinanced my house today a year and a half after I moved in and my how time has flown. This will be my 2nd Christmas at the house and I'm hoping to get some decorations up this weekend and dress the house up nice with some holiday cheer/color and give thanks for the blessings that have come my way since moving in. Any free hands are welcomed to stop by and help with decorations too!

As I close on my house again, it looks like parents are coming close to signing on another house in Katy and thus the big move might be happening in January. This move has been two years in the making and I have mixed emotions and feelings that I've been trying to put aside.

So as leaves change color and fall onto the ground so begins the dying and the rebirth. The leaf here on the photo seems to be still but in reality the melting ice is moving the leaf-in another direction and so too must we move onto other directions.

To me the color of winter is blue and it's one of my favorite colors and favorite times of the year. Some people abhor winter and the coldness it brings but I welcome the wonderful winter blue as it makes me feel happy and alive and thankful for the blessings the season brings. Look around you...there are many in this season of winter blue.

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Desert Diva said...

I totally agree - life is full of changes and it's important to "count our blessings." I loved the photo and the wonderful reflections on winter...