Wednesday, March 04, 2009


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For some time I've been wanting to purchase a drum and become part of a ceremony by way of drumming (Native American). As I near the milestone of my 50th birthday, I decided that the time was finally here and this past weekend I became the proud owner of a 15 inch Dark Buffalo Hide Drum (hand made). The creator of the drum was Deborah and she writes:

This drum skin was surprisingly dark and finished dark and somewhat translucent in nature. It has a maple frame and is made by hand requiring 6 hours to produce.
This drum also has a stick made EXCLUSIVELY for it and no other.

There were two drums to choose from and I chose the Buffalo drum or rather it chose me as Deborah states..."the drum should sing to you". Buffalo Wisdom Includes:
*Earth Creativity
*Feminine courage
*Abundance and Generosity
*Hospitality and Sharing work
*Courage and Strength
*Challenge and Survival
*Giving for the greater good
*Formulating beneficial plans

In the near future, I am looking forward to joining a drumming circle. Until then I will continue to drum and find my own rhythm. Side note: Chulo isn't too happy about the drumming as he tends to burrow under his bed and hide.

Thank you to Deborah Lane/SheGoesLaughing for her gift and insight. For more information see her website.


Sandi said...

Very nice. I love the drumming of Native Americans. So spritual and energizing.

Michael said...

What a wonderful gift for yourself. I've been thinking about it for years myself. Next to my neighborhood is a place called the Glen Ivy Center, a private spiritual retreat center. Recently they have been having drumming on Saturdays and invite the public to Drum the 3rd Saturday of each month. You've peaked my interest in doing this. Thank you.

She Goes Laughing said...

Thank you Luz, it has been an honor to make the drum and I am honored that you two have gotten together. \

The other drum you spoke of has found a home also. The drums pick us they just let us think we pick them. When it time for it to sing is when one knows the truth.

Enjoy, and thank you again for sharing. ~She Goes Laughing