Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Peanut!

TGIF!!! Yes, that's the right time of my blog today/tonight...Central Standard time...12:27 a.m.! Early morn and still no sleep. Will dread the rest of the day as it drags....especially at work as I have a 2:00 meeting right after lunch and you know what that means.

So, last weekend my niece went on a conference trip with her college to Abilene and so being the good aunt that I am, I gave her some munchies to take on the road. Some good old fashioned GARP trail mix that I used to make in my camping days. The trail mix consists of peanuts, milk chocolate pieces and raisins. The peanuts were from a spicy thai mix and from the good folks at Planters but I forgot to tell my niece there were some spicy ones in the mix. So earlier tonight, I saw she had the half eaten bag on her bed and I asked her how the munchies were? She chuckles and tells me that the peanuts are bad that's why she didn't eat them all. I started laughing and telling her about the mix to which she replied (as she held a peanut in her hand), "I knew there was something different about you"! Hence my blog tonight! Oh well guess you had to be there.

Ok, I really need to get some sleep! Way past my bedtime and I'm working on Saturday too but thankfully no more Sundays! Good news in that they cut back my hours of which I'll miss the extra money but welcome the extra time!

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Desert Diva said...

Now that would be some strange trail mix. Glad to hear that you have some extra time to yourself!