Saturday, October 25, 2008


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Music: Moving, Secret Garden

I am hooked on this song! I first heard it when I was getting a massage last month and it's been in repeat mode at work, home, and car. During the massage I was up in the clouds moving to this song and for the first time I finally saw the full spectrum of the chakra colors but the violet hues were all around me carrying and moving me in ways I had never experienced before. I didn't want to come back down from that --whatever that was!

Life lately, has been moving at the speed of sound. At work we are moving to our new building and since hurricane Ike, Houstonians have been on the move getting this and that done and cleaned up. I just bought a new bike and I love the way it moves me from here to there. During my meditations, I can't stop moving or at least my body is moving/vibrating to the chanting. A new season is upon us and yesterday afternoon after work, I was sitting in the backyard and watching all the moving. Leaves falling, squirrels moving their fall harvest from different spots, birds hurriedly flying south for the winter and butterflies moving from garden to garden for that last taste of sweet succulence. Here's to Mother Nature and her message to us that even though circumstances may be dire (economy) life is moving! So look up to the clouds and move to the dance of life.

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Sandi said...

Really nice post! I'll be looking at those clouds tomorrow.