Sunday, October 12, 2008

Duckie Sunday

Duckie Sunday
Originally uploaded by Nieve44/La Luz
Another weekend came and went with most of it spent working. Working the extra job to try and get ahead but with the economy tanking I wonder how much am I really getting ahead and if all this time working is worth it. There's so much that I miss doing. I have cut back a bit more than usual though as I'm now rotating my Saturday's off just to give me a break! I did treat myself to a massage yesterday and it was much needed as my therapist was having to work extra to get all the kinks out of my body. I was so excited to finally have a free evening of doing nothing and was looking forward to watching the baseball playoff game between Boston and Tampa Bay BUT was so dissappointed to learn that the game was on CABLE! I hate CABLE! NO FAIR!


Sandi said...

I've always liked rubber duckies. Great photo. And enjoy your rest.

Junniper, MPA said...

I often miss shows or games because I don't have cable. Luckily, a lot of things can be watched online!