Sunday, July 20, 2008


So much noise these days and then sometimes not enough.

Noise I can live without,

...the humming of an air conditioner.

...wheels screetching as the car cuts in front of you

...cicaddas--their just too dang loud!

...someone smacking and popping gum! Happens much too often in my office.

...blaring cell phones and people's conversations on them.

...flip flops! Pick up your feet people!

...automated phone service and their stupid messages.

...alarm clocks!

Noise that I can never get enough of

...wind blowing but ever so gently--especially a north wind bringing cooler air.

...Rain! Nothing like a little rain shower and something we've not seen enough these days.

...the clicking of a camera. have to have my daily dose of music by Ottmar Liebert!

...voices of friends and loved ones--both near and distant. bike as I'm peddling. I'd like to hear the sound of a newer bike-someday!

...Chulo as he's chasing a squirrel and barking. I know-poor squirrels but it is funny to hear and see.

...a crackling fire.

...the sound of pecans breaking open.

...fireworks. They still make me teary eyed!

So what noise(s) can you live with or without?


Sandi said...

My two favorite noises are the sound of rain and the sound of thunder. And, sadly, where I live has little rain and rare thunderstorms.

Luz said...

@Sandi: Ah, yes I forgot about thunder! It too had been awhile since we heard that sound but thanks to Dolly it's been a nice reprieve from the heat these past 24 hours.