Monday, March 31, 2008

March Madness

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Was there a month of March?! The month was such a blur, which began with Spring Break and much anticipation. Anticipation of packing, moving and settling into a house. A house that I had been trying to purchase since last summer! Yes, last summer! After much negotiating the winds of change finally blew my way and everything fell into place with the signing of the papers on March 14th. Keys were given to me but still it didn't feel like my house. We moved the following day and the day after that and the day after that! Additionally, I had my apartment to clean up and totally vacate and this took longer than I expected. I just dropped the keys into the night deposit box. I debated on whether to photograph the empty apartment before closing the door for the last time but in the end I fully wanted to close that chapter of my life and didn't need a photograph from my past.
After having been in the house for more than two weeks, I realize that it's going to take me longer than I anticipated to get settlled in. My kitchen is about 85% done. Just need to get a few things taken care of such as a breakfast bar in which to have something to eat off of till I get a dining table.
Occasionally, I still confused and will walk into the bathroom thinking that I'm walking into the kitchen. Just last night Chulo did the same thing! Yes, he's still confused as are the parakeets. I've yet to set up any of the TV's which is relatively un-important since I didn't transfer the cable over to the new place. However, my niece and I decided that one night a week would be a "movie night". Instead of purchasing DVD's we'll be heading to the local library. Tonight, I hope to get the bike out and take a ride around my new neighborhood and wave to the neighbors! :-)

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mario said...

It was a good experience for me...somewhat bittersweet to move your things.