Friday, August 20, 2004

Music is a universal language

It's earlly Friday evening and it's been a long week. I'm playing on the internet to unwind and launch yahoo radio which starts blasting through my Infinity Speakers on my computer. Great speakers by the way. At Yahoo Radio, one can search an artist and I search for one of my favorites which is Ottmar Liebert. Alas, his name appears and there is an Ottmar Liebert station that I can save which not only plays his music but others like Enya, Lorena McKennitt, Gypsy Kings, Diana Krall and Norah Jones. I love all of these artists. Great music!
Slowly the music takes me to another realm beyond the contraints of my physcial body and I begin to loose track of time and all else. Music therapy is such a high for me. I could sit here all night and listen to music. Several years ago, I remember reading a caption that said, "music is a universal language"...hence the reason for my title today. I love music but can't play a single musical intrument. :-( No matter, I have artists such as those mentioned above that I can thank for making their music and sharing it with the whole world.

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