Friday, September 23, 2016

Maná - Lluvia al Corazón (Lyric Video)

in the office this morning and this song starts playing on my iTunes and made me stop because at the same time I hear the rain outside.  The words so profound after a rough afternoon in Katy yesterday and a long drive home with tears.

Porque tanto sufrir?  Porque lloras-despierto en el llanto con espantos del dolor ayer-son los monstros, son tus miedos... y me falta mi fe tanto en estos dias.  Pero este cancion me pide, "tengas fe" en la lluvia de esperanza.

Thanks to one of the greatest rock bands Mana and lyrics by Fher.  Looking forward to seeing them again in concert on 10/1 and a much needed respite of everyday struggles. I hope they play this song then as well!

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