Sunday, May 31, 2015

Entre Dos Aguas

Above video is a beautiful tribute song by Tomatito playing the song titled above.

Last day of the month and all I can say is good riddance as the storms and rain were such a heartache to so many who lost lives and valuables by way of the loss of homes and/or cars.  Thankfully, all I lost was sleep especially last Monday night when the big storm hit.  It was said that in May alone- we got enough rain to fill the entire state of Texas with 8 inches of water!   The first week of June looks to be filled with less rain water but it also marks the start of Hurricane season and while I don't live in a flood zone I'm not taking any chances and I went ahead and bought flood insurance!

Now that May is ending and summer begins with the start of June (IMO) so begins the onslaught of the heat, humidity, mosquitos and the endless noise of the cicadas of which I heard already night before last.  UGH!!!  I loathe that sound!!!  What I'd give to escape summer here in Texas and take flight up north somewhere.  So, time for my usual hibernation of retreating indoors. Well at least the next two weeks or so will be busy watching basketball and hockey playoffs!

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Desert Diva said...

It hasn't rained much here at all, and the temperatures are hovering near the 100 mark. It's time for me to leave to cooler climates as well. If you can get a week off, come spend a week with me in Bend while I volunteer. There's lots of room in the RV and I could pick you up in Portland. We can explore brewpubs!