Sunday, February 26, 2012


Lucky elephant by Nieve44/Luz
Lucky elephant, a photo by Nieve44/Luz on Flickr.

My new bud, who just brings a smile to my face. Been a while since I won something. Maybe I should go and I buy a lottery ticket and see if my luck continues-wouldn't that be schwwweeet! BTW, am listening to the incomparable Nat King Cole and his beautiful song Pretend who sings, "remember anyone can dream and nothing's as bad it may seem, the little things you haven't got could be a lot if you pretend...pretend you're happy when you're blue" or in this matter pink like the ears of my lucky elephant.

1 comment:

Kym. said...

aw, such a schweeeeetie you've got there! :))

...And I'm singing:
"Oh-oh, yes I'm the great pretender
Pretending that I'm doing well..."

Cheers, sis!