Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sharpstown Shopping Center: 50 years later

Nice article with photos about a once very popular mall here in town and where I spent a good portion of my childhood. It was some kind of place and I do remember the History clock and for the longest I thought it was whimsically magical. I don't remember the grocery store mentioned in the article but I do remember the eating place at the Walgreens and seeing fireworks over the 4th of July.

Another funny story, when my brother & I were very young, I used to convince him to hide from my parents all the time until one night they decided to get us back by conveniently getting lost themselves. Of course they had talked to the security guard and he was in cahoots with their idea of teaching us a lesson. He was saying that if they didn't come and get us by the time he finished locking up the place he would have to take us downtown. Naturally, the panic mode kicked in and then my brother started bawling and told the cop it was my stupid idea in the first place to play hide & seek with my parents. The smarty pants in me though grabbed my brother by the hand and walked out to see if the car was still there to which it was and so they got busted or rather we got busted and I learned my lesson.

Forward now to the present and I cannot tell you the last time I went to that mall. Of course, sadly the area has changed and has become downtroadden. Still, there are many wonderful memories.

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