Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dime Luna

Dime Luna by Nieve44/La Luz Dime Luna, a photo by Nieve44/La Luz on Flickr.

Reason for the photo is really the frog on the right! It's been soooo dry here and we've had little rain. In the evening when I water my garden, I hear the happy tune he sings as he takes off but I never knew from where he came. Until, I moved the moon to the other side and there he was! Not sure who was more startled-him or me? He stayed long enough for me to take this photo and off he went into the garden. We crossed paths again earlier this evening.

Ahí esta, la luna, Como se podría quitar del cielo,la luna,

Como se podría arrancar pa siempre del cielo,

Y así librarme yo, de este anhelo ...


There is the moon.

How can it be taken from the sky

How can it be plucked forever from the sky

And in this way to free myself from this yearning desire...

You can see a nice video of the song I am listening to by the Mexican rock band Manà.

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